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3 Career Industries For Salary & Growth Potential

In the coming decades, there are a number of careers that will be in high demand. From healthcare to technology and finance, these jobs will require highly-skilled workers with specialized training and education. With the right skill set, those entering these fields can expect to experience job security and higher-than-average salaries.

Healthcare is projected to remain one of the most important industries over the next two decades. This field is expected to grow by 14% between 2018 and 2028—much faster than other occupations—due in part to an aging population that requires more medical care. Physicians, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists and pharmacists all stand out as high-demand positions within this sector. To enter any of these professions it’s necessary to have a four-year degree in the field, followed by additional certification or licensing.

Technology is another area that’s expected to remain an important industry over the next 20 years. This sector offers a wide range of career paths from software engineering and web development to computer programming and systems analysis. To enter any of these fields it’s essential to have knowledge of coding languages such as Java, Python, C++ and HTML. It’s also helpful to pursue specialized certifications in specific areas like mobile application development or cryptography. Many universities offer bachelor's degrees in computer science or related majors which can be used as stepping stones for careers within this space.

Finance is yet another growing field with many opportunities. This sector encompasses a wide range of positions from financial analysts and advisors to accountants and actuaries. To enter these fields it’s necessary to have an undergraduate degree in accounting, finance or economics, followed by additional certifications such as the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for those looking to pursue careers in accounting. Many universities offer specialized programs that can be used as a launching pad into this field.

The salaries associated with these high-demand occupations vary depending on experience level and geographic location but generally start at around $60,000 per year—although some jobs may command even higher wages. For example, physicians typically earn six figures while software engineers can make upwards of $90K annually depending on their expertise.

Although Ivy League universities are often associated with high-paying jobs, there are many other top-tier institutions that can serve as a pipeline to these lucrative careers. Schools like the University of California at Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon and the Georgia Institute of Technology all offer excellent programs in computer science or engineering which can help prepare students for successful careers in technology and finance. Similarly, schools such as Johns Hopkins University, Duke University and Emory University provide comprehensive training for those interested in entering healthcare-related professions.

These are just a few of the many careers that will be in high demand by 2040. To meet this growing need for highly skilled workers, colleges and universities will play an essential role in training tomorrow’s leaders. By investing in their education now, students can ensure they stay ahead of the curve and secure their place as top earners in these rapidly changing industries.

Career exploration should begin early and happen often. As experienced college and career planners we use several assessments and self-awareness activities to help students discover their own path by understanding their passions, strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes through a process of elimination, we help students to choose a career major that is a good fit by using statistical information including average salaries, growth potential, education requirements, job duties and so much more. This personalized guidance makes a difference in helping students to graduate college in a timely manner.

Donna Baines

Baines College Consulting, LLC

Donna has 20 years of college admissions and financial aid experience. She has helped thousands of students all over the United States with their college and career goals.

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