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Free High School Résumé Template

Scroll to the bottom for a link to the FREE high school résumé template.

Does a high school student really need a résumé? Yes. There are many reasons why developing a résumé in high school will help students. Here are just a few:

1. To apply for college or university A résumé can help you stand out from the competition when applying to colleges and universities. It allows you to highlight your achievements and experiences in a concise manner, making it easier for admissions officers to quickly review your application. When working with students, we require they complete a résumé before senior year. This is required to have an inventory of their accomplishments and activities. When the time comes to complete college applications, having a complete list helps us strategize which areas we will highlight while also looking for ways a student can grow in leadership, community service, talent and more.

2. To apply for scholarships Many scholarship programs require applicants to submit a résumé along with their applications. This gives them an overview of the student’s academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, work experience and any other relevant information that may be applicable for the scholarship program being applied for.

3. To apply for internships or summer camps – Internships and summer camps are great ways to gain valuable work experience while still in high school; having a résumé can help you stand out from the competition when applying for internships. Adding these experiences to your résumé add value to your activities section.

4. To apply for part-time jobs – Having a résumé will give employers an easy way to review your qualifications, experiences and skills at a glance, making it easier to determine if you’re the right fit for the job.

What if a student doesn't have work experience? How do we make an effective résumé?

If a student doesn’t have any work experience, they can still create an effective résumé by focusing on their education history, extracurricular activities and volunteer work. Highlighting your academic achievements such as GPA, awards or scholarships you’ve received are great ways to demonstrate your abilities. Additionally, listing out any extracurricular activities or volunteer experiences will show employers that you have the necessary skills for the job even if you don’t have actual paid work experience.

Check out our free résumé template, created on Google docs by Mrs. Baines. This design is similar to sections of the Commonapp that most students use when applying to college, which means it's a time saver to have a résumé done in advance. Book your first free career or college planning session today!

Donna Baines

Baines College Consulting, LLC

Donna has 20 years of college admissions and financial aid experience. She has helped thousands of high school students all over the United States with their college and career goals.

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